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Brandon Fielding
Owner of 4 Anytime Fitness in Cleveland, OH

"In 2 Months from your leads, we have sold 322 training clients, collected over $108,000 from them in upfront payments, and contracted over $424,000, and that is only from your leads."

2020 Results From Gym Owners Just Like YOU!

"We sold over 50 training clients, collected a little more than $20,000 in up front cash and sold $63,000 worth of SGT agreements in 24 days."

Matthew Steven
Anytime Fitness University Heights, OH

"We did over $34,000 in a 30 day time period!" 

"Do it, do it! No more hesitation! You provided a very simple step by step sales process that led to the revenue and sales we had!"

Chris Otto and Dustin Bower
Owner at Elevated Fitness

"For October, we ran with all 33 clubs with GymMembersNow, and we had some phenomenal results. Over 300 new member sign-ups just from GymMembersNow from 1,300 appointments set in my clubs, so that put us up about 20% over October of 2018 as far as new membership growth, and we could not be any happier with the results."

Andy Gundlach
Owner of 33 Anytime Fitnesses in Southern Wisconsin

"We were able to triple our training income. We closed 13 training clients and generated almost $6,000 in upfront cash flow. We had a 10X return on investment in the first month alone."

Tim Gardner
​​​​​​​Owner of Anytime Fitness Little Elm, TX

"We have netted over 500 members even through a pandemic. They worked out really well for us!"

Luke Andrus
​​​​​​​Owner of 15 Anytime Fitness's in MN, WI, ND, NE and SD

"Each customer is just as important as everybody else! You all take each customer to heart, and get back to us immediately whenever we need anything."

Doug Todd
Owner of Anytime Fitness Picayune, MS

"In the first 30 days, we collected $3,495 in upfront cash flow and our contracted revenue is at $12,696 and that is long term cash flow"

Brad Ryle
​​​​​​​Owner of Anytime Fitness Clermont, FL

"We did 109 units in July of 2019, and we are at 87 units right now, and it is only July 15th, so we are seeing a significant increase year over year. It should send us into a stratosphere as far as overall revenue that 4 out of my 5 clubs have never seen before."

Travis Salter
​​​​​​​Owner of 5 Anytime Fitness's in Iowa

"We have gotten a ton of leads, it is super convenient, the leads are scheduled for us which saves us a ton of time, and they are interesting in joining our facility!"

Deanna Paul
Owner of Anytime Fitness St. Clair Shores, MI

"GymMembersNow, they have added quite a few clients in the last 6 weeks as far as personal training clients and gym members I am totally blown away."​​​​​​​

Wade Wilburn
Owner at Exclusive Fitness Gym

"For the last 2 weeks of July we did 24 new paying memberships, and I can attribute 18 of them directly to y'all."

Eric Hare
Owner at Anytime Fitness - Murfreesboro, TN​​​​​​​

"Through their efforts, we have been able to greatly add to our membership base."

Patrick Finn 
Co-Owner at Greatness Fitness Gym

"We have closed 100-125 new members while workiong with you guys... Considerable growth since we have been working with you guys."​​​​​​​

Christen Bartley​​​​​​​
Owner at Anytime Fitness - Brunswick, GA

"You guys are doing a phenomenal job; you schedule all of the appointments for us, which is great! You guys do the dirty work and we get to do the fun work!"

Stephanie Williams​​​​​​​
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"​​​​​​​We had 31 people sign up for our 21-day challenge in Canton, and then our second Club, we had 18 people sign up, which is the best challenge we have ever had!"

Heather Williams
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner​​​​​​​

"In 1 day we had 17 booked appointments from you. 13 of them showed and 11 of them converted, and 2 of them converted to personal training."

Lucas Woehrle
Owner at Anytime Fitness Naples, FL

"Yesterday we had 19 people that came in from GymMembersNow, and we had 6 sign up for a membership, and 13 of them started their trial... That is about 5 times what we would normally do."

Thomas Green
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner​​​​​​​

"​​​​​​​Last year at this gym, we added about 42 new members from mid-November to January 4th. Using GymMembersNow throughout the same period this year, we have added 89 new members."

Zach Todd
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner​​​​​​​

"We have sold more since we have been open post-COVID than we did in January. We have had a huge influx, and I was not expecting it!"

Amber Cotter
Owner at Anytime Fitness - North Vernon, IN

"We saw production go up a lot! There were days where that I literally didn't have time to do anything else because we had so many people walking through the door from you guys. Over a 3 day span, I got over 22 memberships from you guys."

Chris Rumsey
VP of 30+ Anytime Fitnesses in America

"What would Shane tell other Gym Owner's who are thinking about using the GymMembersNow Program?

"I'd do it! I mean it is a no brainer. I mean it is an absolute no brainer... GymMembersNow just does it all."

Shane Barker
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner

"In the 2 months that we have worked together, we have sold $40,000 in long term PT packages."

Steve Novak
Owner at Anytime Fitness - Homer Glen, IL

"We are north of 150 to 170 members through you guys."

Vince Marietta
Anytime Fitness - Brazil, IN

"In February we hit 20 six-week challenges which is close to $10,000 in revenue right there and about seven of those signed up for a 12-month agreement, so when you look at that, that is about another $2,500 of income on the backend of the challenge. "​​​​​​​

Curt Tucker
Owner at Anytime Fitness - Tipp City, OH

"If your an Anytime Fitness owner that is trying to grow your training business you 100% definitely should use this service."

Phil Scanlan
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner

"We only had 7 leads come in, in one month. As soon as we put your marketing in place we had over 180 leads. That was overwhelmingly a lot, it has been really really good!"​​​​​​​

April Calderon
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner

"With working with you guys, we have started to build a foundation with our PT program... We have the leads sitting in your calendar for that day."​​​​​​​

Eddie Whitlock
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner

"We have had a 25-30% increase in booked appointments and a 20% increase in sales since last year!"

Taneha Negangard
​​​​​​​Director of Operations at 20+ Anytime Fitnesses

"Year over year we are up over 12%. We have had our best January campaign since we opened, and I think that is directly correlated to the lead service that you provide!"

Tim Bugno
​​​​​​​Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner

"You under-promised and over-delivered, which is what I like! When we first spoke to you, you told me about 15 new members a month is what we could expect. So in Canton, we did over four times that and in my Athens location, we doubled your projection."

Donathan Price
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner

"The sale rate and the closing rate has skyrocketed, we know when one of yours is coming through the door it will be a sale right then and there."

Casey Walters
​​​​​​​Owner of Anytime Fitness St. Matthews, KY

"Since COVID hit our training really went down. Before, I struggled to even get a training client. Now we sign on a new training client every day!"

Wilfer Henderson
Owner of Anytime Fitness Camden, AR

"To any motivated business owner this is a huge GIFT! It really is ridiculous the amount of hours that can be saved and then to have those consistent leads coming in. For years I have looked and couldn't find something like this. You guys have some key components here that people have not put together all in one program."

Terha Watterson
Owner of Loveland Athletic Club, CO

"We are seeing a significant increase in the traffic through the door and the percentage of those people that are joining is over 80%. I am very happy with the quality of the people you are bringing in."

Tim Restle
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner

"We finished the back half of the year better than we have in the 8 years we have been in business. That alone is enough for me to say it is worth continuing to do!"

Bryan Hurst
Multi Anytime Fitness Club Owner​​​​​​​

"Starting from nothing and going all-in with you guys was definitely hands down the best decision we have ever made!"

Megan Orr
Owner of Anytime Fitness Yorkville, IL

"You guys have consistently performed better than any marketing company I have ever worked with. I have the numbers side by side, and I have never seen numbers and a return on the front end like I have with you guys!"

Brent R. Oliver
General Manager at VIVE Health & Fitness, PA

"We used to have 10 appointments in a good week, now that has totally changed. With you all, we get about 50 appointments in a week, so basically, you all have 10X my signups; not only that, but the activity in the club has become ridiculous!"

Shedrick Cole
Owner of Anytime Fitness Lancaster, TX and Grand Prairie, TX

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