[Free 8 Minute Training] How To Charge $1,000's For Training Packages

How can you charge $$$'s for training packages?


- Not have clients back out or not sign up because of price
- Make more per customer
- Take home the salary you deserve
- Have clients stay with you much longer

By widening your prospect's GAP.

The GAP is created in the qualifying section of your sales process.

And is the middle ground between where your prospect is now (current situation).

And where they want to be (desired situation).

The larger the GAP you create for your prospect.

The more pain you create for them.

Which in turn, leads to:

- Price not being an issue
- More sales & revenue
- More desire for what you are offering
- More committed clients

While on the other hand.

The smaller the GAP you create.

The less pain you create for your prospects.

Which leads to:

- Price being an issue
- Less sales & revenue
- Less desire for what you are offering
- Less committed clients

In this video, my director of training Joe Manning walks you through the importance of the GAP.

And how to leverage the 2 motivators of people - pain and pleasure to make it as WIDE & LARGE as possible.

So you can make more sales, make more , and impact more people!

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