"We have scaled from 2 locations to now 8 locations... And collected $600,000 in cash and contracted $3,000,000+."

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John Paul

"When we took over, we almost had to shut down, then managed to break even. Since starting with you guys, we are now up 200%!"

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Luke Andrus

"We invested $8,000 over a 2-month period with GymMembersNow at our first club, and our return in cash collected upfront was over $16,000, but also the following month, we did $8,000 in personal training at a club that was previously doing $3,000 a month for the last 10 months."

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Justin Montoya

"In our first month we generated 43 thousand dollars in sales and let me tell you something that ain’t ever happened."

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Gene Sherman

"You have 5xed our growth this past year compared to the last 5 years combined."

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Josh Bailey

“I don't rate anyone a 10/10 but your team would be a 9.9/10.”

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Whitney Lee

"This gym was a failing gym, but after just 5 short weeks with you all, we have gone from 0 - $80k in PT revenue. It has allowed me to hire 4 trainers so I can work in the gym rather than it!"

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