Josh Smith

"We had about 16 clients before GymMembersNow, we have now almost tripled that with over 40 clients currently since we've been with them. Our net revenue was at about 9-10K and our gross revenue was at about $15,000-$20,000. Last month we netted over $19,000 and grossed at over $35,000 so both of those have almost doubled since we've been working with them. They've been very helpful and supportive. When you sign on with them, they do a great job of training you and preparing you for the appointments. They continue to follow up with you daily and weekly if your close rate goes down and constantly proved training calls to help. They do a very good job of making sure that you're gonna be successful. If anyone's on the fence about working with GymMembersNow, I would definitely say to do it. It will work if you're willing to put in the work and listen. We're very happy that we chose to work with them and are gonna keep doing that going forward."