Need A Trainer Or Manager? Watch This Training

Need a trainer or manager but don't have a clue where to start?

2022 has been a rough one for filling our 33 gyms with trainers & managers.

And, I am sure has been a bit of a struggle for you as well.

With inflation, unemployment pay, & COVID...

It has never been harder to find, attract, & keep trainers and managers.

In fact, we have had 40% of our trainers & managers year after year turnover.

But what can we do to avoid this?

Focus on what we can control!

Which is creating reliable ways that are predictable and scalable to fill these positions.

So we can avoid our gyms from failing.

In this video here our HR manager does just that.

She walks you through how to continuously get job applicants to fill trainer & manager positions in your gym.

So you:

- Can hire your next trainer or manager
- Have a full bench of people who you know would be a great fit to join your team (in case someone doesn't work out)
- Have your business running smoothly
- Can continue to reap the rewards of training $$$ & make an impact in your community
- Can create a dream team in your gyms so you can work on your gyms rather than in them

I hope this helps get your next hire!

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