How We Added On 6 Million Per Year In Revenue To Our 33 Gym Locations

After owning and operating 33 gyms over the past 17 years.

And using about every marketing company out there.

And now being a part owner in one myself.

I have learned that one of the most important things when it comes to growing your gym is your offer.


Because if you are offering a me-too offer.

Or an offer that literally everyone in your market is offering.

You are building your gym on a foundation of sand.

And are seriously just playing the waiting game until your gym shuts down.

Because in the eyes of your prospects, you offering something exactly like the other gym down the street.

In other words, a commodity.

Which forces you to be in a constant price war.

And results in:

- Less SalesRevenue
- Taking A Nose Dive
- Stress Going Through The Roof
- Gym Culture Sinking

Trust me, I have been there and it is NO fun!

So the question becomes.

How do I differentiate myself in my market to attract my ideal customer?

You make an offer in your market that is so good they would feel stupid to say no.

An offer that is:

- Unique
- Compelling
- Simple
- Built All-Around Value & Results

Once you dial in your offer, it doesn't matter what you charge.

Because it isn't seen as something everyone else has.

But for us, over the last 3 years, the switch to us offering Small Group Training has skyrocketed our company's growth.

It has been responsible for:

- Increasing Our Lead Flow
- Increasing Our Life Time Value Per Customer
- Increasing Our Retention
- Increasing Our Culture Around The Gym


Completely eliminating our fear of planet, crunch, or any big box gym coming into our market and stealing our market share.

The lesson for you reading?

If you haven't already, start to think about incorporating Small Group Training.

And please do not learn the hard way.

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Hope this helps!