​​You Are 1 Hire Away From Creating The Gym Of Your Dreams

In the beginning stages of scaling my business...

This has to be one of the biggest lessons I learned.

It does not matter if you own 1, 5, 10, or 30+ gyms, you need to understand how to build a team of like-minded individuals.


Because you can't do everything as the business owner.

And specifically can't:

- Make all prospective phone calls
- Confirm appointments
- Sell new members and training clients
- Fulfill training clients
- Call members and training clients to check-in
- Keep up with the entire CRM
- Clean the gym
- Handle the books
- Think big picture of where you want to take your business

Etc. Etc. Etc...

So if you can't do everything as the business owner wouldn't you want a team full of A-players that are like-minded and are:

- Always striving to always get better
- Look forward to challenges
- Helpful to other team members
- Raise the bar and push other team members to become better
- Handle tasks and projects just like you would OR better

I think you get the point.

So the million-dollar question becomes, how do you build a team of like-minded individuals?

And this question took me a long time to answer!

One of the biggest hacks and secrets I have learned to build a team of like-minded individuals over the last 17 years is...

Through the interview process.

You can save so much time here in choosing the right people IF you choose to focus on the right things.

Rather than hiring them right then and there because you need the position and WASTING 2 months to see if they are a fit.

And the one thing we look for in the interview process to see if they are a good fit is to see if they fit into our culture.

We will not hire anyone that does not mesh in with our culture.

And the way we see if they are a fit culturally is through a simple 3 step framework.

Which we call the 3 A's! (shoutout to "The Ideal Team Player" by Patrick Lencioni for these nuggets!)

In the interview process we ask the candidate questions around these 3 questions:

1) Are They Hungry?

- Are they here to win?
- Are they competitive?
- Are they self-motivated?
- Do they see the bigger picture and vision of what you are trying to accomplish?

2) Are They Humble?

- Do they have a big ego or are they confident?
- Are they easy to coach?
- Do they want to learn?
- Are they the problem or are they the victim? (tip: if they complain about past job experiences and it is a pattern chances are they are the victim which is never what we want!)
- Do they think they know everything?

3) Are They People Smart?

- Are they a natural rapport builders?
- Can they carry on a conversation with you?
- Are they awkward?
- Are they a people person?

These 3 big questions will tell you if that person is the right fit for your business and would ultimately fit in with your team culture.

So you can ultimately avoid making that 1 bad hire.

That can potentially ruin your business and the culture you have worked so hard for.

And make the next best hire.

That will help you build the business of your dreams and the new hire's dream career!

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Hope this helps with your next hire!


P.S. Shout out to my entire team for being awesome! You all are the best!